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Rosangela Patao da Silva, founder and designer from Lolli Queen sun accessories since 2015. In collaboration with amazing independent women artisans in Brazil, mainly focus on slow fashion, individual, sustainable, recycled material and natural resources without cruelty, and preserving our loving planet. 

Known for the unique flip flops designs, manufactures in the heart of north Brazil with a small, traditional family business that specializes in rubber production.

The rubber used for Lolli Queen is natural as we allow no additives such as heavy metals, solvents, plasticizers, or aromatic substances in our process. The creation of a perfect rubber plate usually takes about 6 weeks, followed by the cutting process of the soles, the manual silk design (so-called screen painting), or transfer images on the soles as well as the grinding, care and polishing of the finished soles. The final step, the manual attachment of our sparkly accents, which are sourced from our stone producer from Sao Paulo, refining all the details in Germany.