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The best Flip Flop

We design Flip-flops to elevate your everyday style.

The materials we use and height of a heel is the key comfort - even when it comes to flip flops. We pay special attention to strict control of soles thickness during our production we mesure each sole heel individually to assure softness and comfort each step you take in your LolliQueen. The recycled pvc straps has a rounded finish between the toes, assuring comfort. The straps sits perfectly, and adjust softly to skin with tech- body-warm. Our Brazilian rubber is the main key to the durability and sustainability gaining the best of nature.

- 100% Kautschuk
- EVA free
- Nikel free
- Elevated heel (Orthopadic proof)
- Rounded toes thong
- made in Brazil, handmade refined in Germany.

The High Net Bag

Macrame High Net Bag.

Quality takes time, the production of one the High Net Bag takes around 78 hours, each piece is an unique work, limited and 100% handmade from our amazingly talented artisans that gives special attention to each finished detail.

This recycled durable craftsmanship macrame bag is the absolut eye-catcher, made of course consciously, non-mass production. Our bags pouch fabric is carefully chosen from small companies specialized on Trenchcoat fabrics.

We use material that assure no animals cruelty.

Accessories are the perfect way to add something special.

Flip Flops

Accessories compelling your outfit statement.

It's all about details with an attitude

High net bag

Level up! Game change with Lila stripes sparkle soles & platted pendant.